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Hybrid learning is about finding the right mix for you

No matter if they are offline or online.
We will identify your individual learning style, and adapt the training to suit.
Why is this so important?

The importance of understanding what motivates individuals to learn enable us to deliver something unique; training where individuals are acutely aware of their skills, knowledge and understanding developing rapidly, yet without feeling as though they are ‘learning’ in the classic sense.

For Individuals:

Imagine completing your training, wholly satisfied you not only learned more than you anticipated but actually understood everything. Effortlessly.

You now know what to do, why things are done in a certain way, the consequences of what would happen if something else was applied and why. All done in a way that suits you.

For Businesses and Organisations

First Aid training is an obligation in the workplace. It is little surprise then that First Aid training is not seen as a reward for those who have to attend.

It does not have to be that way.
First Aid is historically seen as boring, stale and tedious. The quality of the training you provide to your staff reflect on your business. Low quality training sends several messages:

  • You are not willing to invest in your staff
  • You are not interested or do not ‘buy into’ the training.
  • The training is a box-ticking exercise

First Aid is the classic example of this; it is done because it has to be done. Training has a purpose and over the years this purpose has been lost.

We have clients whose staff ask to attend our First Aid courses. We have clients who rank First Aid as their best received training courses from the suite of training courses they offer.

Imagine how that would reflect on your business?


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